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Slurry Pumps
ZJ Series
ZGB Series


Slurry Pumps


>Unmatched performance for abrasive and high density slurries
>Low maintenance

Size range (outlet)
1" to 18"  (25 mm to 450 mm)


Up to 22,000 gpm (up to 5,000 m3/hr)
Download models available and Performance Here
ZJ Slurry Pump
Widely used in mining ,metallurgy, power ,coal and  petroleum, chemical and building material
Excellent for handling abrasive and corrosive solids-bearing slurry with maximum concentrations of wt 45% (ash) and wt 60% (ore)

    D:40-300mm    Q:8-1826 m3/h
    H:2-135 m

Features :
1. The wear parts are made of high-chrome alloy of abrasion resistance
2. High efficiency and energy efficiency
3. Light weight and long service life time
4. Rational construction and reliable operation
5. Lower noise and vibration of the pump translates into improved hydraulic efficiency
Download models available and Performance Here
ZGB Slurry Pump
Horizontal cantilever single-stage, single-suction, double-case
Large capacity,
High head, multi-stages in series to remove ash & sludge and to deliver liquid-solids mixture.
High efficiency, reliable operation and easy maintenance.

 D(mm): 390--760
 Q(l/s): 1.0--533.3

 H(m): 3.1--94.2 
 N(r/min): 740---1480
 N(%): 47.4--81.2
1. Pump head-Double-case pump is vertical split, the discharge can be installed at 8 different positions with an interval of 45 degree.
2. Wide passage, non-clogging and good performance of NPSH
3. Expeller seal combined with packing seal and mechanical seal have be adopted to guarantee the slurry from leakage
4. The metric bearing with oil lubrication, reasonable lubrication and cooling systems ensure the bearing to be operated under the low temperature
5. The materials of wet parts have the good performance of anti-wearing and anti-corrosion
6. The pump can be used for seawater ash-removing to prevent it from the corrosion of seawater, salt and mist, and electrochemical corrosion
7. The pump can be operated in series with multi-stage within permissible pressure. The permissible maximum working pressure is 3.6MPa.
Download models available and Performance Here